Prepare to Shimmer this Spring!

Quilters have to be on their game if they want their projects to be finished in time for all the seasons, holidays, and merriment! Quilts take a little time (which is why we know it’s such a good thing, all good things take time after all!). Which reminds me about that Christmas quilt that I need to wrap up…

I had an exciting opportunity to work with Jennifer Sampou and use her new line, Spring Shimmer, in one of my new patterns, Tiny Dancer! Check it out:

So pretty, right!? I was pretty tickled to find that those butterflies are jussst right for the fussy cut window! (and that I get to use each butterfly print at least once!)

This collection will be hitting shelves in November…just in time for giving us all fluttering hopes for a fresh new spring!

If you’d like to make a Spring Shimmer version of Tiny Dancer, here’s the exact fabrics that you’ll need:

  • Fat Quarter Tower of Spring Shimmer Coordinates (large diamonds)   
  • 1/2 yard (or two fat quarters): AJSP-19704-83 (large diamonds)
  • 1/2 yard (or two fat quarters): AJSP-19704-96 (large diamonds) 
  • 1/2 yard (or two fat quarters): AJSP-19704-129 (large diamonds)
  • 1/2 yard (or two fat quarters): AJSP-19704-215 (large diamonds)
  • 3/4 yards: AJSP-19701-1 (butterfly)
  • 3/4 yards: AJSP-19701-96 (butterfly)
  • 3/4 yards: AJSP-19701-129 (butterfly)
  • 3/4 yards: AJSP-19701-375 (butterfly)
  • 3/4 yards: AJSP-19701-390 (butterfly)
  •  4-1/2 yards: AJSP-19705-399 (grey background)
  • 2/3 yard: AJSP-19702-21 (binding)
  • 6 yards: Backing

Note: rendering shows 15 out of the 20 tower fat quarters being used along with a few AJSP-19701 pieces. All are accounted for above.

Now, all you need to do is sit back until November and then find these beautiful butterflies at your favorite local quilt shop! Happy hunting!

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  1. So glad we could collaborate Rachel. Love what you did with my Spring Shimmer! Thanks so much!

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