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Stow Away Tote | Rachel Rossi

She finally did it! My mom, owner of the bustling Rose of Sharin’ Quilt Shop, took a few days, reserved a room, and relaxed. My sister and I were delighted when we realized that she was staying nearby…a prime opportunity to leave some goodies in her hotel room, starting the weekend out right! This adorable tote bag was stuffed with favorite magazines, quotes, notes, coupons, tea towels—everything that my mom loves! This where my Stow Away Tote began, a simple surprise for my amazing mother.We should all take time away from our lives, to Stow Away, even if it’s a few days or a few hours away. So when you finally give in and set sail, make sure to have this fabulous tote over your shoulder! It’s perfect for an overnight stay, or for endless hours shopping your favorite spots. I can’t wait to hit the beach with mine!

Beach Bag

My sister and I had a great time with this photo shoot, make sure to check her out at Sara Bittner Photography!

Beach Tote

Fall Details

Here are a few of my favorite things about this tote: pockets!

The outside pocket is perfect for items that you need quick access to: sunscreen, sunglasses, your journal, or passport. The inside pocket is still easy to get to, but will keep things like your phone or keys more secure.

Weekend Tote

The other beautiful part about this bag is how strong it is! The straps wrap around the whole bag, which means that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the bag, so no saggy top or droopy bottoms!

Large Tote

I’d love to hear what you think about this bag, or to see you make one for yourself! Hop on over to my shop today and order a hard copy or an instant download. Once you’re done, show it off in the comments below!

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  1. As the recipient of the wonderful tote bag, I can attest to how much it will hold, and loved the wrap around handles for extra strength. By the end of my get away I had filled it with many treasures found in sweet shops and antique shops along the way. The hummingbird on the front was just an added bonus!
    Thank you Rachel.

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