The Monthly Mirror: Get The HGTV Dream Home Dining Room

These are such good ideas for getting a dining room that looks like the Dining Room in the HGTV Dream Home 2016

I’m drooling…absolutely drooling over this dining room (which seems appropriate, it is a place for delicious food after all)! HGTV does a fantastic job every year, but this is a masterpiece! Today, I’m going to show you how to get the same look as the HGTV Dream Home Dining Room for 2016. Though I will be trying my luck by entering, my odds probably aren’t terrific. Just in case you don’t win either, I’m going to show you how they got the look and how you can get the same look in your very own home!

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Choose Your Dining Furniture Carefully

Every great dining room starts with the great furniture as its base. There are only a few pieces in the dining room so you need to make them count! Overall, simple pieces with just a little bit of detail make for the most stunning spaces. It allows for accessories and wall art to take center stage or for the furniture to stand on its own!

Dining Chairs in the HGTV 2016 Dream Home

HGTV Dream Home Farmhouse Table

Choosing Dining Room Chairs

Etienne Dining Chair - Set of 2

My go-to for chairs is Dot & Bo. They are simply the best and have every style you could want! The slipcover chair is the only thing I don’t love about the HGTV dining room (sorry!), but they are conveying the right idea: bright, white, and clean lines. I absolutely love, and would have selected, the Etienne Chair for this dining space. It has just enough curve to make it feel elegant and a little traditional while remaining clean and modern with its fabric. If you’d like something a bit more modern, I found the Almond Cream Chair Set to be a perfect fit for the space.
Almond Cream Chair - Set of 2

Morticia Side Chair - Set of 2

Like I said, there are only a few opportunities to wow your guests in the dining room, and end chairs that differ from the side chairs are an easy way to do this! The Morticia Side Chair or the Leandra Tufted Dining Chair in a color that contrasts with your side chairs fits the bill. The flared arms add just a little bit of something to the sacred end seat!
Leandra Tufted Dining Chairs - Set of 2

Finding the Perfect Dining Room Table

The table is the perfect place to add a little bit of detail but also create a simple place for the interest to rest. The Zentique Felecia Dining Table is a stunner that would go really well with a few of the chairs listed above! The Redford House Carved Dining Table would go with any chair that has wooden legs and details, really setting it off. Just be sure to watch what wood species and stains you’re bringing into the space and make them part of a cohesive whole. (This is a question that I get often, and there’s a post about mixing wood types coming soon, I promise!)

Zentique Fleicia Dining Table

Redford House Carved Dining Table

Dress It Up

I like to think of a room like an outfit. The big furniture pieces are the main outfit—maybe a dress. The lighting, wall art, and other large accessories, like plants, are the necklace or bracelet. Changing these details may be something little, but it makes a huge impact and can make the most simple of dresses sparkle!

Get the Look of the 2016 HGTV Dream Home Dining Room

Choosing the Right Lighting

Lights not only show off your fabulous dining room furniture, they can make or break a space! By spreading out three smaller pendants, the light is spread evenly down the table (a huge oversight with most chandeliers) and creates lots and lots of visual interest! A set of three matching pieces makes for some really beautiful repetition. Below are two great options: the copper fixture from Dot & Bo has a similar shape to the Dream Home lighting, but in a copper finish. This would add a little bit of farm house charm to this space! The Brushed Nickel Pendant from ShopFreely is the same color and has that same great detail!

Steel Hive Pendant

Sea Gull Lighting Stone Street One Light Pendant, Brushed Nickel with Satin Etched Glass Diffuser - 6514401-962

Say It with a Canvas

Art on canvas has so much power over a room, especially if it consists of a simple shape and only a few select colors. There is often a large unusable wall in a dining room and I wholly believe that a large, simple piece of art is what is called for in most situations. What’s stunning about the piece in the HGTV dream dining room is the simplicity and stark contrast. This gorgeous black and white striped canvas from Dot & Bo is equally as stunning and would achieve the same feeling as the art in the HGTV space. If you’re looking for something a little less abstract, maybe a little more interesting, this Crosscut Log canvas is still simple but gives a more natural feel to the space.

Monotone Stripes Wall Art

Moral Fiber Canvas Print

Plants Add Life to a Space

I love plants—though we don’t need to discuss my lack of green thumb when it comes to indoor plants—because plants add life to a space (even the fake ones, as long as they look alive). I would definitely suggest putting taller palm or small trees in your dining room to add some much needed height. Most dining room furniture tends to be so low that there’s no height variation to keep things interesting.

HGTV Dream Home Plants Cambridge Tall Patio Planter Box White, Black or Clay

The planters in the space are so classy, and they are perfect for the larger plants in the room. I found both of these planters from Home and Patio Decor Center. I love that they go together but have two totally different personalities. The shorter planter would be lovely for larger plants like palms. The tall, curvy planter (which also comes in the dark color) would be just right by the entry door for smaller flowers.
Nantucket 16 x 16 Patio Planter in Black, Clay or White Finishes

How to Set the Table

The HGTV dream dining room table owes its fabulous to the fact that it is full of interesting pieces! If we are still going with the outfit analogy, the table setting is the bouncy little earrings to the dazzling, sparkling outfit! I think a full—and full-of-variety—centerpiece is necessary to get the look that this space is going for. It has lots of different textures, colors, and elements to keep you interested. Notice the glass, metallic, shiny porcelain, natural moss & leaves, and wooden pieces? This is a visual smorgasbord! Here’s how they did it:

HGTV Dream Home Accessories

A Little Bling Goes a Long Way

The giant wine chiller in the center of the table is perfect for some height. The metallic finish makes it stand out in a space that doesn’t have too much metal incorporated. This bowl set from Dot & Bo are just begging to be filled with moss, leaves, and linens. Amazon has a ton of gorgeous natural objects to fill them with!
Bella Bowls - Set of 3


Porcelain ties in the white chairs, table legs, and trims in the space. Porcelain is perfect in every room because it flawlessly goes with anything and is so timeless (it’s the diamond necklace of home decor). All of my dishes are porcelain, which gives me freedom to change my mind about everything in the dining room, yet dishes will always look great! This While Polar Vase from ShopFreely is perfect to add a little bit of height to your ensemble! It also has two matching pieces that are medium and small, giving you a great variation in height. If you’re looking to play up the woodsy feel, then throw in this classy, earthy Buck Pitcher from Dot & Bo.

Lazy Susan White Polar Vase - Large, White - 857116

White Buck Ceramic Pitcher

Earthy Details

S/4 Ngorongoro Wrap Napkin Rings

Nothing tops off a table like the perfect napkin rings. Our inspiration room uses what looks like a coconut napkin ring. While looking for those I found these fabulous Found Object napkin rings from One King’s Lane—aren’t they stunning!? It still gives you the right feeling and adds in a little something extra! Add in some simple napkins, and you’ve got yourself a HGTV Dream Home!
S/4 Luangwa Drop Napkin Rings

HGTV Dream Home Dining

Dining Table HGTV 2016 Dream Home

There you have it! If you don’t win the HGTV Dream Home 2016 Contest (you can enter to win here), at least you can get the same amazing look for your own dining room! I really love this space and can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas into my own home! Thank you so much for reading. If you have ideas for next month’s Monthly Mirror, please contact me or let me know in the comments below!

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All the tips and tricks for getting a dining room that looks like the 2016 HGTV Dream Home Dining Room!


  1. Nicely done Rachel! That is certainly a beautiful look for a dining room! Thank you for showing how to get the same look with items we can afford, and know where to purchase them!

  2. Really lovely !
    I wanted to asked you what the exact plants do you used? Whats the name/type of it ? 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, this room wasn’t designed by me, I’m just showing you how to get a similar look. I’d suggest looking for tropical plants and narrowing it down from there. Good luck!

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