Day 1 | The Perfect Wallet

Perfect Wallet Christmas Sew Along

Welcome to Day 1 of the Perfect Wallet Sew Along! I’ve got a week of efficient Christmas sewing in store for you & can’t wait to get started! Make sure to show us your progress on Instagram and Facebook, you might just be the winner of one of our fantastic giveaways!

Today is all about shopping and gathering materials! Here’s what you’ll need to make the Perfect Wallet:

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Supply List:

Fabric selections

What fabrics are you going with? I want to see your fabric and hardware choices over on Facebook or Instagram—I always love seeing how different everyone’s projects can look! Make sure to use #thePerfectWallet

Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s progress & keep an eye out for some amazing giveaways and an AWESOME grand prize at the end of the week!

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