Through the Looking Glass—A Pattern Review

Through the Looking Glass Sarah Price Moda

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a pattern review with you! I’ve been holding out on this one because I especially love it and have wanted to make sure I do it justice! Today I want to share all about the “Through the Looking Glass” baby quilt by Sarah Price. This fat quarter quilt is one that you want to be sure to add to your pattern library—it’s perfect for those baby quilts that you might have procrastinated in making (for scheduling help, make sure to see my yearly quilting schedule!) or for a super-modern feel. This quilt really can go any direction, depending on the fabrics you choose—I think it might even open itself up for some of your favorite applique!

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Fabric Selections

Let’s start off by saying that this simple baby quilt pattern really makes fabric selection a breeze–all you need is 4 fat quarters and a background fabric! That’s something that might already come pre-packaged in a bundle! How simple can you get? If you are really in a hurry, there’s always at least 4 good fabrics in a collection, grab 1 of each and head for the cutting counter.

Modern Baby Quilt Pattern


Before I start into how great the instructions are, let me say that this pattern is all contained on 1 sheet of paper—that’s right—1 single sheet! Is there anything better than a super efficient layout in a pattern? There’s no pieces to loose & no pages to keep track of.

Through the Looking Glass Baby Quilt Pattern Review

Now, the instructions are very simple to follow. There’s even a cutting diagram for the fat quarters so that you don’t need to go back to the store for fabric! Simple explanations and precise diagrams make this the perfect starter quilt for new quilters & the perfect quick quilt for the pros.

Finishing Touches

As with most quilting patterns (including my own), there are no instructions on how to quilt or bind your piece. If you find yourself stuck on how to finish a quilt after the top is finished, make sure to check out my helpful step-by-step tutorials on how to quilt, making a modern quilt label, and how to bind a quilt. There are certainly many different methods, but what I’ve shared with you are my favorites!

Baby Quilt Pattern Review

This wildlife quilt for my new pal, Asher, was finished off with a modern quilt tag—make sure to check out the tutorial and see how you can make one for yourself!

Where to Get Your Copy

Moda Baby Quilt Pattern Review

Online copies of the “Through the Looking Glass” baby quilt are few and far between, I have found a few on Amazon, but otherwise, the search might prove to be difficult online. I would definitely suggest asking your local quilt store if they have this pattern or if they can order it for you, it’s absolutely worth asking about and having on hand! This is one of my favorite patterns and I have made LOTS of different baby quilts with this single pattern, I’m even holding onto one for our baby girl!

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this sweet and modern baby quilt pattern—it’s quick, simple, and not too complicated… a no-drama, no-fuss quilt! Have you used this pattern and loved it? I’d love to see your version in the comments below.

Through the Looking Glass by Sarah Price Pattern Review

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