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Through the Woods Paper Pieced Quilt

It’s finally here!!

I’m so incredibly excited to present to you my newest design; Through the Woods.

This paper pieced quilt pattern has certainly been a labor of love, but every stitch was totally worth it! Before I even get started on all the details, I want to say thank you to all the pattern testers who made one (some made two already) top to make this an amazing pattern. Your feedback and input is priceless and helps make a great pattern for other quilters.

Alright, onto the goodness.

Little Red Riding Hood Quilt copy

This pattern all started with a design call from Dear Stella. It was my first chance at a design call with them and as I scrolled through their upcoming collections, a collection called Little Red caught my eye—I just couldn’t get over how sweet it was! So, I ended up staying up *a little* late that night, designing and designing.

The next day I had the start of an awesome pattern, that was going to be all traditionally pieced.

But then I thought of these cute trees…

Paper Pieced Trees

Beth C….this little deer is just too much!

…and before you knew it, I had created my first paper pieced quilt pattern!

After submitting my design to Dear Stella, I heard back a few weeks later that my design had been chosen to be featured with the collection—I was on cloud 9! It was a quick turnaround and I had to get moving on testing!

Kid's little village quilt

Sam S.’s color scheme was incredible!

After wading through a ton of applicants, I narrowed it down to 15 incredible testers, and I was stunned at their amazing fabric choices and skill—many of them had never paper pieced before and were (rightly so) proud of the result of their hard work.

Forest Children's quilt

Becca P.’s woodgrain quilting really completes the quilt!

This pattern is so much fun to make—there’s a lot of different blocks to make and every block uses a different fabric, so you’ll never get bored!

Joanne H used a variety of fabrics in her quilt for a splendid little scene!

What Makes this Pattern Great?

Yes, yes, very cute…but is it a good pattern!?

Of course! It’s an excellent pattern! I put these things through the wringer before they get into your hands because there’s nothing worse than a pattern that isn’t good. Through the Woods went through many versions before getting to the grand release today. Here’s some of the features that you’ll love:

  • Not Waste: Cutting chart for all those background pieces
  • No Guessing: Each section on the paper piecing template is labeled with the minimum size fabric that you’ll need to cover it
  • No Hunting: There’s no need to drag yourself to Staples or use someone’s giant copier to make more templates, everything fits on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper for easy copying!
  • Tested to Perfection: Like I said, I go to great lengths to make sure every diagram is as good as it can be, every word makes sense, and that you get an amazing quilt when it’s all said and done. These instructions are very clear and concise.
  • Rave Reviews: My pattern testers were ecstatic with their Through the Woods quilts, you can take a look at them below, and you can read Becca’s review over at her blog, Sunflower Seams.
  • Perfect for any theme: Through the Woods lends itself well to any theme that your fabric wants it to! It’s a great quilt pattern for winter and Christmas, but also works well for Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Halloween, Fall, kids, or grown ups—it’s really just up to you and your fabric choices!

If that wasn’t enough for you, make sure to take a look at all the beautiful variations that you can do on this quilt below. Or take a look and get the pattern or order the complete kit!

Through The Woods

Quilt Pattern and Kits Now Available Here

Halloween Town Quilt

Michele E. made the perfect Halloween quilt just with a few simple fabric choices!

Beth C. liked this pattern so much, she made TWO! One in cheery shades of pink and purple…

Pink Town Children's Quilt Boy's Village Quilt


…and another in dreamy night

woodland creature quilt

I had to include this lovely little detail that she added! Adding your own creatures is so simple with applique!

Winter baby quilt

Becca’s fabric choices were out of this world! <3

batik village quilt

I just loved Archana B.’s choices for this village quilt—those batiks really pop!

Spring Village Quilt

Kim L. added simple borders to her quilt and it really looks great!

Little Town Quilt

Sam S…you’ve done it again! With a neutral pallet and pops of color, the look is amazing!

Winter Wonderland Quilt

Sarah H. picked a delicious color scheme for her Through the Woods Quilt…but I’m kind of biased to aqua and coral!

Sunset Town Quilt

Tonya R. went with unexpected colors and proved that Through the Woods is perfect for any whimsical scene quilt! She also showed off it’s great use of border fabrics!

Children's Red Riding Hood Quilt

Suzy R. made such a lovely little quilt…don’t you just wish you could live inside one of those houses!?

Child Town Quilt

Kelsey M made a fun children’s quilt with themed fabrics…they were the perfect pair!

Little Deer Quilt

The detail on Joanne’s quilt is just incredible!

Summer Town Quilt

I just love the way Felise incorporated her backing colors!

Spring Bunny Quilt

Erin always chooses such fun fabrics & a bit of whimsy!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my latest creation! Make sure to head on over to my shop and see what else you’d like to whip up!

Through The Woods

Quilt Pattern and Kits Now Available Here


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  1. Rachel…your quilt is adorable! I know you have worked very hard and your Mom is in heaven smiling.

  2. Congratulations! I’t a wonderful quilt.

  3. This is a wonderful pattern and I loved making the quilt! Thank you for all your hard work on this. The results are beautiful and I can’t wait to find the time to finish the table runner that I’m making too. 🙂 By the way, I shared this blog post and provided a quick review of the pattern on my blog –

  4. Such a wonderful pattern with opportunity to make it your own, as your testers showed. Paper-piecing and appliqué means the world is your oyster, right? 😉

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