Tidbits | Bobbin Threads

Today I’ve got a tiny little tidbit that might just help you get your projects done faster and with less frustration!

As you may have seen last week on Instagram, I posted this little rant about bobbin threads, sure, it may have been a bit overdramatic—but you all know it’s true!:

An empty bobbin makes me want to quit sewing forever… A full bobbin makes me feel like I could sew for the rest of my life. #sewing #quilting #overdramatic #emptybobbin

And, as usual, my mom came swooping in with her sage advice:

“When you start sewing, wind a couple bobbins of the color you are using to get you through the project!. Especially if you tend to to use neutrals to piece. Never wind just one bobbin. That should help keep things rolling smoothly and make you happy!”

Brilliant! I shouldn’t be surprised though, that woman has all sorts of tips and tricks up her sleeve! Sometimes, the most simple solutions are the hardest to think of—we just get so caught up in being frustrated that the bobbin ran out in the middle of our topstitching that we forget to step back and think of a solution. So, next time you start a new project, be sure to wind up a bunch of bobbins before you get started!

And that was your little tidbit for the day! Now get sewing!

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