Accenting Window Valances

Window Valance

Love those valances, but know that they aren’t quite right for your space? I’ve been there, and I say go ahead and get them anyway! Today I’m going to share a quick trick to make your valances look like they were made for your space! Not to mention a really sweet way to add a little somethin’ to your window treatments.

What You’ll Need:

-Window valances
-1/4 yard of accent fabric (affiliate link). If your valances are wider than 43″ you’ll need more.
-Ironing board
-Sewing machine
-Thread to match your valance
-Sewing pins

Cut Your Accent Fabric

First you’re going to cut your fabric to be 5″ wide. You should end up with a long skinny rectangle, measuring 5″ x 45″

Iron It Out

Ironing is the most important part of any window treatment. Lay out your valance on the ironing board. Lay your accent fabric on top and straighten it out so that it is parallel to the edge of the valance. Fold either side of the accent fabric to match the edge of the curtain. Iron a crease to mark the edges.

Valance Edges

Using scissors, trim the edges so that there is 1/2″ of fabric past the crease for each edge.

Ironing Window Treatments

On both long sides of your accent strip, fold over 1/4″ and iron.

Ironing Valances

Fold the accent strip in half lengthwise. Iron. Now you’ll have a. 2.5″ rectangle that is the same width as your valance.

Finishing Up

Lay out your valance with the front side facing down. Lay the accent strip on top, with 3/4″ sticking out past the valance. Pin into place.

Adding Fabric to Valance

Set your sewing machine to a big straight stitch (if your machine has a scale of stitch size, put it a little bit past halfway towards the big side).

Sew along the edge of the fabric. If you have a 1/4-inch foot, it makes things really easy. If not, use your sewing machine markings or foot to keep a straight stitch.

Adding Color to Window Treatments

That’s it! Hang up those beauties and post your picture to my Facebook page! I’d love to see your finished project! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions below.

Happy sewing!

Adding Color to Window Treatments

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