2018 Quilters Wish List

Everything You Need on Your Christmas List This Year

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“Oh my gosh—THAT is the iron that’s on my Christmas list this year!” I squealed to my aunt as we were moving into our Quilt Market booth. Our neighbor across the aisle was a sweet gentleman from Oliso and he had exactly what I was hoping to see under my Christmas tree.

…you know you’re getting lame when an iron is all you want for Christmas…

Long story short, I ended up with my very own (yellow) Oliso Iron packed safely in my suitcase as I headed home from market, which left a $150 hole in my Christmas list. What else could I possibly need?

If you’re asking yourself that question or wondering what in the world the quilter in your life might need, never fear! My 2018 Quilter’s Wish List is here!

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The Iron…of Course!

the Oliso Iron is something that I just recently discovered. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long and not known about it! I may have embarrassed myself at a guild sew day when I couldn’t figure out how to work it, but once I realized how much faster and more efficient my ironing was with this little guy, I was hooked!

The Heart Warmer

If you want your quilter to melt into a puddle on the floor, just go with this Willow Tree set called “The Quilt.” I’ve always loved these Willow Tree figurines (they are really ruining my progress towards minimalism), but this one just cut me to the heart! Any quilter will resonate with this sweet figure and know how much you appreciate them.

The DIY Gift

This is a great idea for a Quilter to Quilter gift! This Sewing Organizer fits on top of a mason jar, and is easily personalized! You can use any fabric to make the pin cushion top, use adorable matching pins (like these from Just Another Button Company and fill it with all sorts of goodies! I’d love to have this with me at sewing days and retreats.

Make It an Adventure

Quilters are all over the Indigo dying trend right now, why not jump on the train?! Grab this indigo dying kit and let her creative juices flow! This particular kit doesn’t include fabrics, so she could pick her own, or grab one that comes with three Turkish Tea Towels. I love the idea of dying my own fabrics for a one-of-a-kind quilt.

The Best Gift is a Useful Gift!

That’s what my Mom always used to say. Sneak into her sewing room, take a look at her fabric stash, get a general idea of colors she likes and hop on over to Amazon and pick a coordinating Aurifil Thread Set…you really can’t go wrong!

$103 for thread you ask…?! For this thread, YES!

Just trust me…

Take Them for a Spin

I just discovered this awesome little Roundabout Set from Martelli. It’s a cutting mat that spins easily, making squaring up blocks super simple. And as an added bonus, it has a top for ironing too! Perfect for next to your machine.

For the Creative Quilter

For some reason, this little guy has been sitting on my Christmas list for quite some time… the EQ8 software will allow your creative quilter to unleash her full potential and design quilts on her computer. It’s great for figuring yardage and seeing the quilt before ever cutting a piece of fabric. This is a great gift for a techy quilter!

Adventure Awaits!

Push your quilty friend to try something new! I just picked up Picture Piecing by Cynthia England and can’t wait to dive into it! If you want to grab a kit too, check out Cynthia’s website and her incredible kits! The techniques that are introduced here are interesting to all style of quilters and might spark some really incredible ideas.

Presentation is Everything!

This adorable Quilter’s Tote is just too cute, especially if your quilt friend has a little bit of sass to her! It will nicely hold many of the gifts I’ve suggested so far, and who doesn’t need one more tote? We all know that we need more places to store fabric. (Bonus points if it comes with fabric and a few of my patterns in it!)

The Stocking Stuffer

We all love those super functional stocking stuffers…you know—the things you need but never actually buy. These Bobbin Buddies are one of those things. Grab a big pack and help get that sewing drawer organized! I love the idea of my bobbins staying with their coordinating threads.

Stockings Filled to the Brim

I’ve been in love for a long time with these Binding Babies from Doohikey Designs, there’s lots of color options to choose from and you can even grab additional matching accessories. Can you imagine one of these little sweeties peeking out of your stocking on Christmas morning?

The Big Kahuna

While on my Quilt Market adventure, I ran across this beaut from Martelli. The Advantage Workstation. If you’ve got the cash and want to make this the best Christmas ever, then this is for you! This table is fully adjustable (by remote) and can tilt! I thought the tilting was a little over-the-top at first, but after further research,  realized that it’s incredible! I’m going to write a full blog post of this table and explain everything, but it’s actually better for your back when cutting and sewing! Just trust me.

Make It Personal

Maybe this isn’t the year for you to be dropping $2,500 on a fancy table, but you’ve seen that quilt kit that she’s been eyeing up all year. Or there’s a collection that he’d love to make something for himself with, but always says “who has time?” Just do it! Grab that kit and a sweet card and remind the quilter in your life that it’s OK to make things for yourself once in a while. It’ so easy to get caught up in our guild sewing, baby quilts, and our best friends great aunts nieces’ cousins wedding gifts…Maybe some “selfish sewing” is just what your friend needed this year!

I hope this has been a helpful Quilter’s Gift Guide! I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list in the comments below!

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