2022 Quilters Christmas Gift Guide

Looking to wow the quilter or sewist on your Christmas gift list this year? Look no further! I’ve got 15 Christmas gift ideas for quilters, sewists, and crafters. Take a look – I promise you’ll find something as unique as the person you’re gifting to!

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Stocking Stuffers

Spool Huggers

In addition to being completely adorable, these spool huggers are THE BEST! They will keep those threads from unraveling all over the sewing room.

A Little Sewing Jewelry

Everyone likes a little bling with personality! Grab one of these cute pieces for a surprise in their stocking!

Quilting and Sewing Patterns

Introduce your quilter to a new and exciting quilt pattern this Christmas! Take a look through my exciting shop and order a copy today!

Giver her the full view of her incredible work

I love when my husband gets really creative or really nifty with my gifts! This nifty contraption is a wide-angle viewer so that you can take in your entire quilt while it’s still on the design wall (I wouldn’t suggest this unless your quilter has a design wall or somewhere to view her quilt vertically)

Stuff a Hand Made Stocking!

If you’re a sewist or quilter, why not whip up a special stocking for your loved one and the stuff it full of goodies?! My Sashay Christmas Stocking pattern whips up QUICK. Make sure to order a download today and get started right away. And if you’re thinking it’s too frilly, you’ve always got the option to skip the ribbons!

The Best Gift is a Useful Gift

This 1/4″ tape will change your quilter’s life. I use the stuff EVERY time I sew and I just love it. Perfect for rounding out the toe of their stocking, they will be glad to find this on Christmas morning!

Custom Pieces

Now…no one likes a seam ripper, but the task might be a little less awful when working with this beauty! Make sure to click “customize” when ordering to get your sewist or quilter’s name on it.

For the Tea and Coffee Lover

My Tea to Go Kit is the perfect thing for the sewist or quilter in your life that loves a good cuppa! It’ll hold tea bags, instant coffee, sugar…whatever they need. Pop a pattern and kit in their stocking and they’ll be excited to get sewing after the festivities are over.

Kits are available in all sorts of fabrics, buttons, and elastic varieties, make sure to check them out in the shop today!

For Under the Tree

Sewing Zipper Bag

There’s nothing like getting a gift IN a gift! Add this little diddy bag to your Christmas cart and you’ll be sure to please! Just tuck a little gift, sewing pattern, or kit inside.

Something New!

I do quite a bit of garment sewing during my down time and when I discovered this hem ruler, I added it to my wish list right away! This is the perfect new gadget for anyone who likes to sew.

You Know They’ve Had Their Eye on it…

If your quilter is feeling like trying something new, then the Shorthand Bundle is what they want to see under the tree this year. My Shorthand Bundle includes my Shorthand Template set and FIVE great patterns to go along with it. Give the gift of new exciting motifs this year!

…looking to beef it up just a little more? Include this great rotary cutter that’ll make cutting those curves a breeze!

Handwork Light

Have a quilter that likes to stitch all through the night? I just ordered this for my daughter who likes to read in bed, but this reading light would be the PERFECT solution for someone who loves to do handwork at night.

A Comfortable Place

I have yet to get this glorious gift (maybe if I put it on this list one more time someone will notice!), but every time I see them at a quilt show, I take as many opportunities to sit on them as I can. The Sit Upon is just simply the most comfortable way to sit, especially if you’ve been stitching away for hours!


If you’ve ever hung out with a quilter, you would have quickly learned that we love kits! What’s not to love!? It’s an all-in-one sew and go package! Check out my great kit offerings in the shop today:

The One the will Blow them Away

Want to really get your sewist going this Christmas? Get her this incredible iron! I use this thing every single day and LOVE it. It has two settings: one will allow you to rest it vertically (like a standard iron) when not in use. The other setting will pop out little feet when at rest – this is great because as a quilter, we do a lot of pressing, so it’s much faster for us AND your iron won’t loose as much heat…and we need the heat!

For More Inspiration…

Looking for more great gift ideas for quilters? Check out my sewing gift guides from previous years for some serious inspiration. You’ll find the perfect thing to give a quilter for Christmas!

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