A Wedding Quilt

The longer I quilt, the more I’m convinced that I’m not just sewing for fun and making pretty things. I truly believe that I am creating an heirloom that will more-than-likely outlive me. Today I want to share my latest creation with you and the story behind it. This commissioned quilt is near and dear to my heart because one of my sweet friends from high school requested it for her wedding. I can’t think  of a better day to commemorate the start of a new life together!

A few months ago, my friend L, sent me a text out of the blue—I was so excited to hear that she was getting married and she asked if I could make a quilt for her wedding.

“Our colors are a red wine sort of color and gold.” She explained…I got so excited about the delicious color scheme that was forming in my head!

From knowing L for so long, I wasn’t surprised that she asked if we could do a broken star pattern, or something like it. There’s something timeless and classy about L, she’s an old soul in a new body without  a doubt. I was excited to take on a pattern that I haven’t done before, especially an old Amish one like the Broken Star.

This quilt was certainly a labor of love! I had not experienced Y seams in quilting before & decided that I might like to create a design for a broken star that doesn’t include Y seams for next time—it’s a beautiful design, but I just need more control over my straight blocks and rows!

For as much as I dislike the whole idea of a Y seam, I truly enjoyed learning about them and stepping up to the challenge of conquering them! I also liked to learn about how these intricate diamonds were created with strip piecing.

I like watching how projects evolve. L initially sent me a sketch of what she wanted the center block to look like. As I was watching the quilt come together, I decided that rather than adding to it, our plan might take away from the overall design. After a little bit of collaborating, we decided to commemorate their wedding day with an embroidered quilt label on the back. I love the sense of sweet timelessness that this adds to the quilt!

Also, can we just note that Batiks make everything 10x more amazing!?…I mean, look at the backing fabric!

I loved creating this piece for L and J’s new home. I’m thrilled to think that this quilt will witness their lives together and stay with them wherever they go. This quilt was stitched with prayers for them and their marriage. I hope that their love grows into something more beautiful and timeless than any quilt could ever be.

If you’d like to learn more about commissioned quilts by Rachel Rossi, please visit my Commissioned Quilts information page.

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