Preparing a Budget for Your Next Remodel: Tips and Tools

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This is a great resource on planning a budget for a remodel or renovation. It even has downloadable spreadsheets for planning your renovation budget!

Below you will find some great tools for preparing your remodeling budget! I have listed all my own spreadsheet templates and favorite tools from other sites for you on this page. To use the spreadsheets, all you have to do click the link and it will add the spreadsheet to your cart! On my basic ($0.99) version and upgraded ($2.99) version there are great visual aids and a column for the estimated budget and your actual budget. All spreadsheet templates are available in both Microsoft Excel and Numbers (iWork) formats.

Please let me know if you’ve found these tools to be helpful!

Renovation Budget Spreadsheet Template

Renovation Budget Spreadsheet Templates

Something about a spreadsheet makes a remodel or renovation seem a lot less terrifying! Below, I have downloads for all of my renovation spreadsheet templates. All of my spreadsheets have a basic budget that shows your estimated and actual spending, a handy to-do list, and shopping list to keep you organized during your renovation.

Advanced Templates

My renovation templates that cost $2.99 are a bit more sophisticated: these remodeling spreadsheets have some information filled in already, allowing you to get a clear estimate based on my experience (you can always change or update this based on prices in your area). The best part of about the paid version is the calculating tools! These spreadsheets have an extra page that calculates how much framing material, drywall, flooring, and ceiling materials that you will need! If you’re not sure, see more about what makes the upgraded version so great or take a 99-cent version for a spin.

Basic ($0.99) Templates

To download, click the appropriate link below to add to your cart, then follow the checkout process.

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