Remodeling Budget: Tools For Remodeling Every Room In Your House

Details on what remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, living and family room, bedroom, and laundry room will cost and where the money goes!

Welcome to our final post on renovation budgets! Here you will find some really great tools for figuring out what projects generally cost and how to make it work with your budget. To catch up on what you’ve missed, read over Remodeling Budget: Why It Matters and Remodeling Budget: Where To Start.

Average Cost

Below you will find a list of projects and their average costs. These are average costs based on 2014 statistics taken from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; averages may vary based on where you live.

Now, just a preface: don’t freak out! I’m here to help you! These numbers shouldn’t intimidate you but instead educate you on just how much you can spend on a remodel project. The following averages and cost break downs are average remodeling costs. That means new everything, moving walls, electric, plumbing, etc. You can spend a lot less or a lot more depending on what you’re looking for. Please keep in mind that just because dream kitchens can cost $100,000, yours doesn’t have to.


Kitchen Renovation Budget

Kitchens are a great investment as the typical return on investment is 80–85%. Typically a minor remodel (new counter and backsplash) would run somewhere around $6,000 while a major overhaul could cost from $75,000–$100,000. The average cost is $33,000. A major overhaul would involve moving plumbing, new cabinetry…a completely new space. Here’s a breakdown from the National Kitchen and Bath Association on where the money goes:

Cabinetry and Hardware — 29%
Installation — 17%
Appliances and Ventilation — 14%
Countertops — 10%
Flooring — 7%
Lighting — 5%
Walls and Ceilings — 5%
Design Fee — 4%
Doors and Windows — 4%
Faucets and plumbing — 4%
Other — 1%

To look up averages for each type of project in your city, visit and the National Bath and Kitchen Association. Also, I’ve put together a great spreadsheet that allows you to type in your budget total and the rest is automatically filled in. You can even track your actual spending once the project starts! Visit my Budget Tools page for a download!


Bathroom Renovation Budget

Bathroom remodels average out at about $16,000. It obviously varies greatly depending on location and how much you’re taking on. A good rule of thumb is that a bathroom renovation shouldn’t cost more than 5–10% of your home’s value. Here are the typical costs associated with a bathroom remodel:

Labor — 20%
Cabinetry and Hardware — 16%
Fixtures — 15%
Faucents and Plumbing — 14%
Countertops — 7%
Flooring — 9%
Walls and Ceilings — 5%
Lighting and Ventilation — 5%
Design Fee — 4%
Doors and Windows — 4%
Other — 1%

I’ve created another spreadsheet for bathroom remodels that works the same way as the kitchen document. You can find this spreadsheet on with the other budget tools!

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Renovation Budget

We all dream about it—a fun, colorful corner where laundry sorts itself into color-coordinated piles. The cost of making that dream a reality might not be so startling as kitchen and bath costs. Laundry rooms can cost as little as $1,000–$3,000 if you plan on reusing your appliances. If you’re thinking of adding new appliances, you might want to tack on an extra $3,000 to your budget.

On the Budget Tools page, you can also find a spreadsheet which you can use for rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms, including laundry rooms and the other rooms mentioned below.

Living & Family Rooms

Living Room Renovation Budget

Living rooms can come in a variety of costs. If you’re looking for new finishes, built in speakers, wall mount television systems, recessed lighting and high quality materials, you’ll be spending significantly more than if you’re just looking for new furniture. Generally, new living room furniture that will last can cost about $2,000 on up. The average cost is $10,000.

Dining Room

Dining Room Renovation Budget

Your average cost for dining areas is $5,000…obviously there isn’t a lot of furniture in the space, so bargain hunting here can go a long way!

Bedroom & Home Office

Bed Room Renovation Budget

The average bedroom costs $8,000. Office: $6,000. But remember, by adding a new coat of paint and some accessories, you can change everything without changing much!

Let’s Wrap It Up

My point: money adds up, so before starting any project be sure to ask yourself questions and set realistic goals. Once you do that, take the time to research or find a professional who can give you a good estimate of how much your project will cost you. I hope you’ll find these tools helpful! All of these tools and more can be found on my Preparing a Budget page. Enjoy!

Renovation Budget

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  1. We are renovating a freestanding garage /shop into a mother in law studio. This will involve some major adjustments to roofline, stairwell, adding/moving some walls. We have $60,000 to spend for the entire project. Like your tools but see nothing that handles rough in framing and base construction. How do I compute these costs?

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for your comment! My tools are for smaller projects in a pre-existing space—framing in and insulating a basement is about as complex as they go (Those tools are in the basement renovation template). I would suggest talking to a contractor concerning the roofline, stairwell, and always have a contractor check when you’re moving walls for safety reasons.

      Good luck!

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