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I’ve been teasing you for a long time about my newest design, Breezy, on Instagram and Facebook. But guess what? The big day is finally here! I can officially set this little bird free to fly and you can get your own copy today. This pinwheel quilt pattern has so many great options, I just can’t wait to see what you do with it! I’ve been blown away by the variations I’ve seen my testers create already—this is such a fun quilt and I’m so glad that I get to share it with you.

Breezy, a Square Quilt

Breezy is available in baby, throw, and king sizes (which are all perfect squares). All of the instructions for each size are included in this single pattern, although they vary slightly from one size to the next. I tried different variations on this puppy to get every size out of it that we can, but sometimes too much messing around throws off the design, so you’ve got three size options!

Breezy Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

How Breezy Began

I know it’s always fun to see how a design goes from start to finish, and Breezy came to me differently than most of my designs have. I was working on some sketches and really wanted to do some kind of pinwheel quilt. First, I started with a simple pinwheel quilt block but spiced it up by putting stripes in each of the triangles…but then Google informed me that this has already been done. Feeling utterly defeated by my lack of originality, I stared at the page for a little while and then it hit me: I love the idea of traditional blocks being modernized, and as I was looking at the pinwheel block, I thought, What if the whole quilt was the block? and the king version of Breezy was born! As I was working through the design on the king, I realized that one section (or giant HST) was pretty neat on its own and just happened to be the perfect size for a baby quilt…oh serendipity!

king sized pinwheel quilt

I started sewing my first prototype with the baby size. I quickly finished one, and, still feeling that I-just-created-something-awesome high, I raced off to The Quilt Ledger to get the rest of my fabric.

Next I finished the second section, and I still felt pretty excited about the whole thing. Right as I was finishing that section, I thought to myself; wow, this is a lot of triangles…

I lost my momentum in section #3. I really was getting sick of HSTs, so I started an assembly line style process and made the last two baby sizes at the same time. Let’s just say, if it weren’t for the adorable Flamingo fabric, I would have really not been interested in making the baby size sample!

I’ve really got quite the system down at this point and already have fabric for my next baby Breezy quilt…I think those HSTs might have messed with my brain.

About the Pattern

Breezy is a really great pattern for honing in on basic skills. Whether you’re a first timer, or an experienced quilter that might be getting a little lazy, this pattern is great for you! It gives you some new tips and tricks for HSTs, pinwheels, and cutting large fabrics on the bias (speaking of which, here’s a tutorial I wrote up on how to cut large triangles on the bias and keep things straight). It’s a great skill builder and gives you enough practice to really perfect those skills by the time you’re done.

perfect pinwheel points

Options, Options, Options

Another great part of this pattern is all the different things you can do with it!

Giant pinwheel Quilt
  • Size options: You start out with a generously sized baby quilt, but it’s easy to add a border for a throw size, or repeat and add borders for the king size. No matter what size you choose, all the instructions are there for you!
  • Color options: You don’t have to stick to four pinwheel colors. You can go for a full gradient look and make each of the 8 rows a different color (details on how to do this are included in the pattern).
  • Fun way to use panels and large prints: panels can be so pretty, but so useless sometimes! This pattern is perfect for repeating panels (make sure to see the notes on using panels in the pattern before you purchase your fabrics!)

Care Free Sewing

There’s nothing worse than a pattern that has mistakes. I go to great lengths to avoid this pitfall of sewing and quilting:

  • Tested to Perfection: Like I said, I go to great lengths to make sure every diagram is as good as it can be, every word makes sense, and that you get an amazing quilt when it’s all said and done. These instructions are very clear and concise.
  • Rave Reviews: My pattern testers were ecstatic with their Breezy pinwheel quilts, and you can take a look at them below. A few of my testers even made more than one!
  • Perfect for any theme: This pattern really lets the fabric do the talking.

Get Inspired

Now it’s time to get those (pin)wheels turning—what amazing thing are you going to do with this pattern? For some great ideas, make sure to check out these tester images. I just love what they have all brought with their individual and unique styles. Thank you to all who tested; this was an absolutely amazing process!

Once you’re done with show and tell, make sure you head on over to my shop and get the pattern!


Whitney M Modern Giant HST quilt

I love this shimmery baby quilt by Whitney!

Sarah H. Modern Pinwheel Quilt

Sarah’s autumn color palette blew me away!

Lore B Succulent Quilt

Lore chose a large print and rather than a gradient, pulling different colors from her background fabric…so neat!

Julia H Butterfly Breezy Quilt

I just love how Julia used a large print for this baby quilt!

Joanne H King size pinwheel quilt modern

Joanne, this beast deserves two pictures…the details turned out just beautifully!

giant pinwheel quilt pattern
Joanne H Panel Quilt

I love what Joanne did with this cityscape panel—it’s really lovely! And would you please check out the gorgeous (and colorful) details to the right?! So so pretty!

Joanne H City Quilt
Jennifer H King Size modern pinwheel quilt

Jennifer did an amazing job on her king sized pinwheel quilt!

Jennie C Kids Pinwheel quiltJennie did a great job at pulling colors from her background fabric to create the pinwheels!

Joanne H Firey Pinwheel quilt

I love the firey colors!

Jeanne P Giant Pinwheel Quilt

The center of Jeanne’s king size Breezy is just stunning!

Jeanne's winter pinwheel quilt

Jeanne’s winter crane fabrics are just perfect for this pattern!

Hillary J Ombre Pinwheel Quilt

Hillary used an ombre fabric to make her king quilt top and the result is a beauty!

Erin B's Amish Pinwheel Quilt

Pattern Available Now!

Get your copy here

Breezy Quilt Pattern


  1. Your new pattern looks fantastic – gotta get this pattern!! The pictures on the blog show the process very well. What a great idea to show all the quilting ideas from your pattern testers.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Congrats to you! And what a variety you have shared with us today. So many different interpretations as well as sizes. They all look great!
    ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Thanks so much, Roseanne! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing all the quilts. I think that’s my favorite part—seeing how one pattern can look so different with simple fabric choices.

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