Decorating For Christmas With No Money

Holiday Decorating Budget

Christmas decorating can seem daunting, especially if you are low on time and money. For our first Christmas I was tempted to go overboard with my time and budget, but I found that using what you have can go a long way! Whether you’re decorating on a budget or last minute, I hope this sparks your inspiration!

Greens. I know, you’re missing the farmers market and the wonderful bouquets they had every week. Little do you know, the next bouquet is waiting right outside! Grab a good pair of clippers and snip some evergreens, pines, holly, berries…whatever is around! If you live in a more urban area, take a Sunday stroll through a forest preserve. There’s no limit to what you’ll find there! Another great trick is to get a fresh cut Christmas tree that’s a little too tall, and use the extra bottom branches for your decorations.


Tree branches, firewood, and twigs: Wood is one of my favorite decorating props. Wrap up some firewood in twine or a pretty ribbon and put it next to, or inside of your fireplace. Vola! Twigs make an adorable assortment in any basket that you have and looks great next to a chair or also near a fireplace mantle.

Snowy Branches

Anything can be a vase. Teacups, mugs, measuring cups, wine glasses, tins, glass jars…your cabinets are full of personal, fun, exciting vases. Place some greens in wine glasses and alternate them with upside down glasses for visual interest.

Christmas Vase

Let it Snow. Add a little bit of whimsy to any décor! Epsom salt looks just like snow! Put it in vases with candles, sprinkle around your centerpieces…wherever you like. I anchored candlesticks in epsom salts to create the whimsical centerpiece below. Once you’re done, you can bag it up and save it for medical use, or decorations next year.

Epsom Salt Candle sticks

Matching tree skirts. Want your tree skirt to match your home? Use a tablecloth! I decided that tree skirts just don’t come in any style that I’m looking for. So, I bought a vintage tablecloth and folded it in half. You can even use one that you already have! Simply drape it around your tree stand or, if you have a little extra time, cut a center, slit, and sew in some buttons!

Vintage Tree Skirt

Wrap it up. One more hidden gem—boxes! One roll of wrapping paper and a few empty boxes can create a beautiful visual anywhere in your home! If you’re ahead on the Christmas shopping, you can even scatter wrapped gifts around the house.

Candy: Who doesn’t love a bowl of peppermint sticks or candy canes? Pick up a box of candy canes and put them in mason jars. You can throw a ribbon on or leave it plain—anything looks cute!


Think long-term. Christmas decorations are fun, but winter accessories will get you through the whole season! It’s worth a little splurge for things that will last for more than a few weeks. Pillows, blankets, quilts, runners, napkin rings…there’s a million options! Give yourself a budget and have a blast running through Pier 1 or your favorite decorating stores.

Christmas Napkin

You see, Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be a burden on your time or your budget! I hope these tips will help you get ready for Christmas no matter how close you’re cutting it. What are some of your favorite cheap and quick tricks for Christmas decorations?

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