Crap, It’s Christmas | Day 4


Yesterday we finished our frilly little cuffs; today is the day when you really start seeing things come together on your Christmas stocking. Just a little more sewing, one more day, and you’ll be hanging these puppies up! I’m pretty excited to get finished, so let’s get sewing, shall we?

Today we’ll be following along with pattern steps 8—16.

First, we’ll get the stocking bodies sewn (steps 8 and 11) and clip our curves. There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of turning something you just sewed right side out…I seriously couldn’t wait!

sewing-interior-stocking how-to-clip-corners

Then we’ll add our ribbon as shown in steps 10 and 12.


Following along with step 13, we’ll add one cuff to the exterior stocking…


And then one cuff for the lining stocking!


And viola—that’s it for the day! Tomorrow we’ll wrap things up by joining the stockings together and embellishing a bit…I can’t wait to see everything hung and shining in the twinkling lights.


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