What’s My Style? Cottage Charm

cottage living room

An adorable addition to my style series is coming up today! Let’s talk about how to create a cottage style look in your home. My aunt has recently moved and while we were brainstorming some ideas on how to create this look in her home, I decided to share some of my ideas with you. The cottage style is very diverse. It’s actually quite similar to the shabby chic style. But there are certain elements that carry through no matter what direction you choose to go.

Natural Textures

Natural Textures are a given when talking about the cottage style: wood grains, baskets, chunky fibers in blankets or other textiles, cotton…all of these natural elements create a beautiful contrast with each other and with the bright clean colors that the cottage style tends towards. Wicker and bead board are other cottage favorites!

Cottage Dining

Crisp Color Contrast

Contrast is a huge player in the Cottage Style. For every dainty detail, there is a great color contrast, which gives this style some backbone. Cottage details can be pastels or punchy bright colors, but they are almost always contrasted with a bright, pure white. It really sets the tone for a clean look and brightens everything up.

cottage living room

Dainty Details

The common thread in all cottage style homes is the attention to detail. This can be added with some great flea market finds, textures in the walls, accessories or furniture, or textiles as you can see below. As a general rule, less is less. More is better!!


Flea Market Finds

And last, but certainly not least, the way to get this style is to search high and low for the perfect things! Flea markets are a great place to find accessories, furniture, and fixtures for you little cottage-to-be! Look for pieces with some great detail or diamonds in the rough that might just need a fresh coat of paint. Antique stores are a great place to find doilies, hankies, pillowcases and even bedspreads with hand sewn detail that you can’t find anywhere else.

Collections of detailed items like plates, hankies, or other small items are very popular and can quickly add some cottage charm to your home.

Cottage Nook

Create an Inspiration Board

Any time that you’re trying to achieve a certain look, take the time to create an inspiration board! I’ve shared the board that I created for my Aunt below. Take it shopping with you—it helps you stay on track with what look you’re trying to achieve and will help create a cohesive space!

Cottage Mood Board

What are some ways that you create a cottage look in your home? Make sure to check out the other interior design styles and tips on the Style Vault!

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  1. I love Cottage design. It feels so comfy and looks welcoming. Thanks for the wonderful info.

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