What’s My Style? Shabby Chic Interior Design

Blue Depression Glass

Who doesn’t love the Shabby Chic style? It appeals to so many users that I might consider it one of the most-loved styles of interior design (that’s right—I said it!). I think the main reason for this is that it can go in so many different directions that it can have a very different impact from one design to the next. So let’s see what I love about this style so much and why you should love it too!

Not Too Shabby

Shabby Chic interior design often uses wood furniture (or furniture made to look like wood) that looks old. It often has layers upon layers of worn paint to create the feeling of wear-and-tear. It’s really quite charming! Cottage, Beach Cottage, and French Country all fall under the style of Shabby Chic. All of them keep a few things in mind: comfort, color, and character.

Shabby Chic Window


Oftentimes, the Shabby Chic style builds on medium- to over-sized furniture. I don’t mean HUGE like take over the living room huge, but something with a little more weight to it. Check out some of these great options at One King’s Lane (affiliate link):

Pillows are a big plus in this style and often incorporate natural textiles like cotton or linen. It has been said that lace is a huge part of the Shabby Chic movement, but I’d beg to differ: I have seen it used, but it creates more of a girly feel than the romantic, neutral feel that it’s so capable of! Which brings me to a very important point: when I think of lace and frills I start to think of clutter and dust. Shabby Chic implies clutter for some reason…and it really shouldn’t. As with all styles, accessories and furniture should be carefully chosen with a purpose in mind to avoid clutter and more stuff.

Masculine Shabby Chic


White. Pastels. Think light.

Shabby Chic


This is my favorite part of being a Shabby Chic-ster! Found objects are what this style is built on! So get out to those flea markets, antique shops, side of the road finds…wherever you can find some pieces with character! Add a few layers of paint and you’ll have a statement in your home. Look for items that show signs of age or have your pastel color scheme in them. Crystal chandeliers and vases are a popular accessory, as well as books, lamps, linens, and mirrors.

Shabby Chic Living Room

To sum it all up…Shabby Chic is an incredibly versatile style. It’s a little bit of Traditional mixed with a little bit Art Deco mixed with a little bit of Industrial to create a lovely and romantic space. It can be very feminine but also neutral. It may just be the perfect style for everyone!


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