My Favorite Sewing Tools


A while back, I shared about the Ten Quilting Tools I Couldn’t Live Without, but there’s always favorites that aren’t exactly necessary. Today, I’d love to share some of those favorites with you! Just remember, these things are helpful, but not 100% necessary if you’re just starting out, for a list of the essential beginner tools, make sure to check out my post on How to Start Quilting.

Control Those Rulers!

Quilting rulers tend to be a little slippery. You’ll need two things to keep your sanity (and your fingers):

#1: A ruler holder.

These are so smart and sometimes even have a spot for pens, pencils, or seam rippers!
#2: Cork stickers.

These little dots might just save your life, or your finger! Stick a few of these on the corners of your rulers to give yourself some grip!

Quarter-Inch Seam Marker

This little thing—I got mine for free from my favorite quilt store, but you can get them on Amazon or at your favorite quilt store! These are great for making half square triangles: Line up the center line on the two corners of your square, use your pencil or erasable marker and mark both edges. Now you can sew along both drawn lines and cut down the center to have two blocks!

Fons & Porter Binding Tool

The Fons & Porter Binding Tool is my #1 favorite quilting tool of all time. It joins your binding ends perfectly every time! It’s a single tool that is perfect for all different sizes of bindings. I love a brilliant and simple invention, and they’ve really done it this time. If you’re curious about how I do my binding, be sure to see my full tutorial on How to Bind a Quilt.

Seam Ripper

We all hate her, but we all need her. The inevitable always happens at some point and you’ve got to rip out a few (or a million) stitches. I really love my seam ripper, even though I hate the sight of it. It’s got a tacky end that helps you collect up all your loose threads! I guess the lesson here is to keep your friends close and your seam ripper closer.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful! I’d love to hear about your favorite tools in the comments below!

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