Ten Second Tea Towels

After finally hanging up the valance in my bathroom (it’s been on the project list for about 2 years now…) I was just tickled with the look—it really brought everything together, but something still wasn’t quite right! I needed to add a little more fabric to the space, just to add that one last touch. I remembered a trick that I had seen my mom do to some of her kitchen towels and knew it was perfect! I was off to HomeGoods in no time, picking out the perfect plain old towels to transform into my final accent in the bathroom!

This quick and easy project requires very few supplies and is a great way to use up your scrap fabrics! These sweet accent towels will be sure to spice up any kitchen or bathroom!

What You’ll Need


If your towel measures 20.25″ across like mine did, then go ahead and follow my measurements! Otherwise, use the formulas in parenthesis to get your measurements.

Cut a 4.5″ x WOF strip (WOF means “width of fabric”)

Trim to 21.75″ long, giving you a 4.5″ x 21.75″ strip. (Width of towel + 1.5″)


Measure up from the bottom of towel 1.5″, mark with pins.

Line up the bottom edge of your fabric strip, right sides together  at the 1.5″ mark, sew at 1/4″ seam.

Press your fabric, right side up, to get a nice crease on the front of the towel. This will give you a straight, unmoving edge to work with.

On the top edge of your fabric strip, fold the top over 1/4″ and press. Fold another 1/4″ to hide the raw edge and press again.

While you’re still at the ironing board, fold both sides in 1/4″ and again onto the back side seam of the towel. Press/pin in place.

Topstitch the two long sides at 1/8″ and the short sides 1/4″ to secure the fabric strip.

There you have it! A regular old towel with a little bit of pizzaz!

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  1. Love your directions for the tea towels

  2. I am really pleased to have found these instructions. – I am now ready to make these towels – I think I will start making them for Christmas gifts. I am going to try and match them to whatever the theme is in their kitchen.

  3. Love the things you post can’t wait to surprise my friends with some personalized cuptowels

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