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How to Make Your Binding Look Professional Tutorial

I’ve received lots of questions about today’s topic because I mention it in almost all of my patterns & my binding tutorial. So, I’m going to share one of my favorite products with you:

Can you guess what it is?

The Fons & Porter Binding Tool!

Maybe that’s your favorite thing too, or maybe you’ve never heard of it. If you haven’t heard of it, then let me tell you all about it!

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The Best Way to Join Binding Ends

So, what’s the big deal about this nifty little binding tool? I love this tool because it creates a very sneaky seam in your binding where the beginning and end join. When I first started quilting, I couldn’t figure out how to make that transition without a big lump in my binding or a very noticeable seam. Not long after, I was introduced to this useful binding tool and I’ve used it on every project that needs binding since!

How the Fons & Porter Binding Tool Works

There’s no sense in me telling you about the product and not showing you how it works! Below, you’ll get a picture tutorial of how to use the Fons & Porter Binding tool. I’d suggest bookmarking it— I always refer to pictures on how to use this to make sure that it turns out right each time!

How to Use the Fons & Porter Binding Tool Tutorial

Fons & Porter Binding Tool Tutorial

Start by sewing on your binding, you’ll want to leave a rather large gap between the beginning and end of your binding, about 12″ minimum. Backstitch at the start and finish.

Fons & Border Bonding Tool Review

Lay one piece of the binding out flat along the edge of your quilt. Match the bottom of the Fons & Porter ruler with the bottom of the binding piece.

Then, lay the remaining binding piece on top of the ruler, matching raw edges with the edge of the quilt. Trim the top piece according to the line labeled with your binding width. I do my binding at 2-1/2″ so I cut my top piece at the line labeled 2-1/2.”

Fons & Porter Binding Tool Review

Now that (the most terrifying) step is done, you’ll unfold your binding and match the corners right sides together as shown in the image below.

Fons & Porter Binding Tool Setup

Pin and draw a diagonal line across the corners.

How to Bind a Quilt: Pin

Before you stitch across the drawn line, make sure that your binding isn’t twisted and once it’s sewn that it will lay flat. I almost always get it twisted and have to rip this part out at least once! If you run into a problem, make sure to check out my tutorial on ripping out seams quickly—it won’t be such a pain if you do sew it wrong.

How to Rip Seams

Now, using a ruler, line up the 1/4″ mark with the seam and trim.

How to Mark up Seams for Binding

Gently press your seam to the side and press your binding in half again, wrong sides together. Lay your binding out flat and stitch the open section of your quilt closed!

How to Use the Fons & Porter Binding Tool to Bind a Quilt

That’s all there is to it! Now fold your binding over the edge and get to finishing that binding up! For a full tutorial on hand sewing binding, make sure to check out my post on how to bind a quilt.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, make sure to get your Fons & Porter Binding Tool on Amazon today!

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