It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary!


I cannot believe that it’s been a year already—can you!? That’s right, one year ago, I decided to stop pursing jobs where I punched a time clock for someone else, and work for myself! The hours certainly haven’t been any more forgiving, but oh my my, are they satisfying. If you read my blog a year ago, you’ll remember that some interesting circumstances had me looking for a new job. When, by God’s grace, I was swept away for a week of solitude, I realized that working for someone else wasn’t working for me anymore. I’m so pleased to be writing one year later, full of optimism, excitement, and big plans.

There is a big ol’ giveaway at the bottom of this post that you are not going to want to miss out on—make sure you enter, whether or not you read my over indulgent acceptance speech!

How Far We’ve Come


Oftentimes, my sweet husband, Steven, will yank me into his office and have me stare at Google Analytics for a half hour or so—he always sends me on my way, excited to keep looking and charting our progress (he’s as much a part of this business as I am, but you’d never know!). I often wander out, wondering if the progress isn’t big enough or fast enough, but I can say that looking back over the past year, I’m encouraged and excited to share that my shop has gone from 0 (yes, zero) patterns to 17! And, those aren’t just ordinary patterns, they are tried and true, tested, and ready to go. I have full confidence in every pattern released this year (thanks to some amazing pattern testers!). My blog readership has grown by 6 times, and I’ve written 104 blog posts—and believe you me, blogging is not for the faint of heart! I’ve even started a thriving online community through Facebook and Instagram.

Exciting Things for My Next Year

This next year is already as promising as last, and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you. What I can tell you for now, is that I’ve got something exciting cooking up with OneThimble—an amazing Ezine that you need to check out now if you haven’t already! I’ve officially signed on with UpCraft Club, a fantastic way to access all of your favorite designers and patterns (now including me!), and I’m continuing to grow in the online community of creatives through


I Have to Thank…

I’m so thankful for this amazing journey that has only just begun. I wanted to create a business that would allow me to raise a family, and spend the time I want to with them, share my passions and talents with others, and create community with creatives all over the world. I can see the pieces slowly coming together, and I’m so excited to see what this all turns out to look like.

None of this would be possible without some very important people in my life. My husband has really been the life force of this business: from creating the website (it’s beautiful, isn’t it!?), to working 2 jobs so that I can chase this dream, and everything in between—I’m so indebted to his undying support and encouragement, I don’t even have the right words.


My family is another piece of the puzzle that has gotten me here. My mom and dad always encouraged me to do something I loved, and fostered my creativity from day 1. I watched my dad support my mom as she opened her own quilt shop (there’s quilting cotton in our blood, I swear!), and now boasts a booming business that she is, and very well should be, proud of. I’ve watched both my brother and sister create jobs that they love and are incredibly skilled at. I find such inspiration in my own family—it’s unbelievable!

I want to be sure to give God glory for this incredible journey. I’m so thankful that I know my Creator. He not only made me exactly how he wanted me to be, with every creative quirk, but that He created women to be strong, powerful, business people. He gave me a tender heart, a creative eye, and a business mind. I truly hope that I have, and always will, honor Him in every part of my life and business. I’m so inspired by the over-used, totally cliche passage from Proverbs 31 in the Bible, but when you really read it, it can’t help but inspire you! Here’s some of my favorite parts:


Let’s Celebrate with a Giveaway!

Alright, enough of the feelings and mush—come celebrate my 1 year anniversary with me, and win some fabulous prizes! With 1 year being the paper anniversary, it only felt appropriate to give away my Graze Paper Pieced Placemat Pattern every day next week. Some of my amazing designer friends have jumped on board as well, so I’ll also be giving away one of their fabulous patterns each day next week too! It’s going to be an exciting time, so make sure that you enter to win below, keep on scrolling to see what you can win each day:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You don’t need to enter each day to win—each entry will count for every drawing throughout the week!


Wednesday will kick off the giveaways! In addition to my Graze Placemat pattern, you’ll also get a copy of Muffin Head Designs pattern: the Tracie Skirt…anyone else having flashbacks to her amazing pairing of this and the Squared Fashion Wrap pattern!? Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already!



If you win on Thursday, you get my Graze Placemat pattern along with A PATTERN OF YOUR CHOICE from DuckButt Designs—how fun! I am partial to the Roller Coaster Tee…but you’re allowed to choose whatever you like from her shop!



Whoever wins on Friday will start the weekend right by choosing any pattern from Stubbornly Crafty that they would like AND get my Graze pattern to boot! This little lamb is just one of the adorable patterns available.



Saturday’s winner will get the Jack & Jill of All Trades apron, from Caliana Designs, along with the Graze Placemat pattern—you’ll be ready for a dinner party in no time!



Sunday will cap off the weekend with a pattern of your choice from Sew By Pattern Pieces—there’s a ton of great patterns to choose from, but I’m partial to the Sport Dress! And, of course, the Graze Paper Pieced Placemat will be yours too!



Finally, Monday’s winner will get two patterns of their choice from my own shop! Feel free to stick to Graze, or try the new Crossroads Quilt…or maybe there’s something else you’ve had your eye on! Talk about a good start to your week!

Paper Pieced Placemat Pattern


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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