Block 7 | Large Terracotta Pots

Welcome to block number 7! This month is a nice little palate cleaner as we transition from curves to Foundation Paper Piecing! This month we’ll kick back with some traditional piecing and knock it out quick with some strip piecing as well!

Ready for a nice and easy ride this month? Make sure to download your pattern here and get started:

This block is so satisfying…just like when you take the time to wash out your pots at the end of the season and stack them all neatly … then they just wait patiently for you all winter long!

If you haven’t already, make sure you finish up the first half of the year before moving on to block 6:

Get Set…

Supplies for the month

If you’re curious about the supply list for this month, I’ve got a surprise for you!


Just your fabric, machine, iron, and you!

…unless your seam ripper decides to crash the party…but hopefully she won’t do that.

Get Sewing!


This month we’re just cutting a few squares and triangles! Super simple – you got this! Just in case you need it, there are two important notes for you this month:

On Step 1, make sure that you keep the INSIDE triangles and scrap the outside triangles. This is especially important for those of you using directional fabrics!

Wondering why this is important? Glad you asked! When you get to Step 3, you’ll want that directional fabric to be facing the right way (ask me how I know!). Check it out:


If you thought the cutting was fast, wait until you get these pots stacked! There’s really not much to remind you of this month – it’s nice to take it slow for the month!

Need some help?

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by all of this, why not join the virtual class?

In my virtual class, we’ll cover each and every step. I’ll talk you through new skills, explain why and how we are doing things, and make it a little less scary! I’ve also included printable cheat sheets for techniques that might be new to you…great resources for down the road!

Now that you’ve got the know-how it’s time to sew! I’d love to see your progress in the Facebook group or on Instagram!

What’s Next?