Oh, Tannenbaum SAL

Week 1 | Fabric and Supplies

I am **SO** excited that you’ve decided to join me for the Sew Along! We are going to jet right through this quilt and have it ready by the first snow!

This week we will be starting at the very beginning: The Supply List. There really isn’t a whole lot to it for this quilt – just a few simple tools and you’ll be ready to sew! Here’s a simple overview of what you’ll need:


Make sure to get a copy of your pattern before starting, even if you’ve chosen to add a virtual class! You will need this throughout class to refer to measurements and other important details.


All of my patterns include a paper template. That said, this pattern requires a lot of cutting those curved templates out!

If you’re ordering an instant download pattern, make sure to check out this helpful tutorial on printing the templates to scale.

I recommend purchasing the Shorthand Template Set to make your life a lot easier! You can learn more about Shorthand and purchase a set here if you’d like.

28mm Rotary Cutter

Many of you might already have a small Rotary Cutter in your quilting supplies. If not, that’s OK! This template set will still work with a 45mm blade. That said, I do find that the 28mm does a little bit of a nicer job and flows more easily.

I’ve found that almost all brands of 28mm cutters work well with my template sets except for Fiskars.

If you’re looking for a great cutter, check out the Martelli 28mm available on my site.

If you like the ergonomic design of this cutter and want to explore other sizes, you can check out the 28, 40, and 60mm options on Amazon as well as Left Handed cutters:

Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue

Yes. You read that right! This simple school glue is the secret sauce for this quilt! Make sure to grab a pack and you’ll find yourself using it in 100 different quilty ways before you know it.

Matching Thread

This is an easy one! Make sure to load up on your favorite matching thread for piecing. My favorite is Aurifil Dove Grey!


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my section on Fabric Selections before getting started. Directional or Ombre fabrics are going to require extra yardage and I want to make sure you have enough!

(Optional) Join my Virtual Class!

If you love to see what I’m saying rather than reading it, then this virtual class is for you! These pre-recorded classes have everything you need to complete this quilt top:

  • 8 Chapters walking you through the toughest parts of this quilt: an hour and a half of video instruction!
  • Work at your own pace! Start, stop, pause, and rewind as needed
  • Cheat Sheets for using Shorthand Templates
  • Help with those tricky Ombre borders
  • Thorough details on cutting curves, sewing curves, and trimming the perfect Shorthand Block!
  • Lifetime access with your online account.

Please note that all class participants will be required to order a pattern to participate in class!

Come Sew With Me!

Remember this is a Sew ALONG! You’re among friends – that’s the whole point! Join my Facebook Group and post your progress, enter to win prizes, ask questions and more!

Not a Facebooker? No problem, just tag me on Instagram so that I can cheer you on!

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