Pantone Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

Pantone Color of the year

We interrupt this style series for a very important update! The color of the year for 2015 has been announced, the results are in, and the decision is final! Marsala is the new Radiant Orchid…and I like it!

Pantone colors are not only supposed to represent the up-and-coming colors for the year, but colors that represent the momentum and movement in the world. Marsala brings to mind the taste and vibrancy of wine and Indian spices, rich with deep tones of brown and red. It’s a rich, earthy, and culturally diverse color.

So here’s the question: how do we use it? What kind of ideas does it carry? How does it influence us? Color is powerful, and no color is more powerful than red.


Where Radiant Orchid brought us love and joy, Marsala brings us passion and heat. The brown undertones make it a more grown-up color than True Red (2002) or Chili Pepper (2007), and that makes it great for bedrooms! Pure hues of red can encourage passion or anger—it’s even been known to increase heart rates! But the beautiful brown undertones in Marsala make it just the right mix of nature and passion. Earth and fire. Try using this in a bedroom to spice up the space. Accents of red can come through in pillows, throws, and wall art.

marsala wine


With a name like Marsala, it won’t be surprising to find that reds are also known for encouraging hunger! This makes Marsala a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms. Bring in accents through chargers or cloth napkins. If you’re really head over heels for Marsala, pair it with a white wainscoting or chair rail for an especially yummy look!

Marsala color

What do you think?

It might not be a surprise to you that I’m loving the color of the year this year. I like everything about it: it’s upbeat, edgy, and a little bit earthy. I think it does a great job at representing not only where fashion and interior design are headed, but culture as a whole. I’ve seen a huge shift in general with the way people are starting to view eating habits, medicine, work, home, stress, and even the way that we interact with one another. There’s this edge to returning to older ways of thinking and living. Marsala is the perfect representation of that. It’s kind of in your face, but familiar and comforting; earthy and natural, yet somehow modern and new. So, what do you think? I’d love to see your comments on this year’s color of the year below!

This was my Pantone Color of the Year post for 2015, make sure to see other years as well!

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