A Peeking Panda Pocket Pillow

The Perfect Project for Mastering Raw Edge Appliqué

Timber! has always been my best seller. There’s no wonder- it’s super duper cute. I’m excited to announce that it has also caught the attention of the staff over at Simply Moderne Magazine (eep!).

The Simply Moderne Team asked me to create a Raw Edge Appliqué video tutorial to accompany the pattern and so the story begins…

As I was making the tutorial, I figured why not make a cute project to go along with it?!

So, using the appliqué templates from my Timber! pattern, I created this perfectly adorable Panda Pocket Pillow!

So, first, I’d like to introduce you to my Raw Edge Appliqué Video Tutorial. After you watch, make sure to keep scrolling to see the pillow tutorial!

Raw Edge Appliqué Video Tutorial

How to Create the Panda Pocket Pillow

The video above gave you all the great details on how to get that adorable bear onto your fabric pieces. Now, here’s all the pieces that will help you put the whole thing together!

“Oh look! It even has a pocket, Mommy!”


I try to keep supply lists as short as possible, but here’s what you’ll need to complete the pillow:

Fabric Cuts

The cutting is really simple for this precious pillow!

  1. From the Background Fabric cut a strip the measures 17″ x WOF (width of fabric – if you’re new to these sort of abbreviations, check out my blog post about all the weird abbreviations quilters use!)
  2. Then, trim it down so that it measures 17″ x 33″. Set aside
  3. From the Pocket Fabric cut a strip that measures 17″ x WOF. Then trim down so that it measures 17″ x 17″.


  1. Fold the Pocket Fabric in half, right sides together. Press.
  2. Topstitch 1/4″ away from the folded edge.
  3. Create the Raw Edge Appliqué as shown in the video tutorial above.
  4. Once all appliqué pieces are sewn on, place the background fabric right side up on a flat surface. Place the Pocket on top of the background fabric, matching the bottom and side raw edges (as shown in the video). Carefully fold the background fabric (right sides together) over the pocket, sandwiching the pocket inside. Pin in place.
  5. Stitch around all three raw edges, leaving an opening toward the top for stuffing. Clip corners.
  6. Stuff and hand sew the pillow shut.

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