Why Quilts Make the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Hot air balloon quilt on bench

I tend to design (and make) a lot of baby quilts…why? Because there is nothing more fun than baby fabrics, baby colors, and baby-sized projects! A cute result, a quick rewardwho wouldn’t love it!? While there are lots of fun reasons for making baby quilts, there are even more great reasons to receive baby quilts. So, if you’re the receiver, here’s a list of things to look forward to using your baby quilt for, and if you’re the giver, just know that all that hard work will be greatly appreciated!

#1: Baby Quilts Are Functional Art

Quilts have always made great artwhether they are wall hangings, draping over the edge of a crib, or over the back of the rocking chairbaby quilts look great in nurseries. They really have a way of bringing the color scheme together in a space, so make sure to ask mom-to-be what her nursery color scheme or theme is! It’s a question that you can ask without giving away the surprise of the gift!

Premie Blanket

See the story behind this quilt on A Gift For Preemies (And Their Mommies)

#2: Baby Quilts Are Forever Keepsakes

Quilts have a way of passing themselves through generations of a family. Given today’s high quality quilting fabrics and the introduction of computerized quilting, we can stitch up some pretty sturdy blankets that can last a lifetime.

Construction Baby Quilt

Read all about, and get the Building Blocks construction quilt pattern!

Baby quilts will, of course, someday, get tucked away into a memory box, but when that box gets opened up & they see their childhood blankie again, it will become a keepsake for the rest of their lives! It might even make it’s way into their own children’s nurseries.

#3: Baby Quilts Are Functional

We all love something both beautiful and functional. It’s how I approach all of my designs, be it an interior, a quilt, or something else, it’s gotta have both parts or it’s just not quite right! Baby Quilts might be the most functional, beautiful things you can give to parents-to-be.

The obvious function is a warm blanket. That’s pretty straightforward. But in a quilt you’ve also got a great play mat for those less-than-soft carpets and hardwood floors. There’s just something so sweet about kids playing on a quilt, it makes things seem more contained, and somehow, a little bit more simple.

Applique Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are also great for those fall & spring days when you’ve just got to dart to the car to get to mom’s house or somewhere else casual. Wrap those little ones up, race to the car, strap ’em in, and tuck ’em in! Done! No fluffy coats to worry about  getting on and off and I promise that they are a whole heap warmer than they would be in a coat.

#4: The Child Gets Something Special of Their Own

Kids love to simultaneously be their own big person and a mini version of their grown ups. Giving them their own quilt gives them a small version of what their parents have and gives them a sense of ownership. And on a less sophisticated note, isn’t it just the cutest to see them snuggle under that quilt?

hot air balloon baby quilt

Don’t forget to check out the Head in the Clouds hot air balloon quilt pattern and get your copy today!

#5: Quilts Can Help Mom and Baby Bond

That’s rightquilts can have an impact on the bonding between Mom and Baby for preemies. A small quilt (usually less than 24″ square) is typically allowed in the incubator with a premature baby.

Premie Quilt

If Mom sleeps with it for a few nights, her scent will be on it and will comfort the baby while they are separated. I think this is such a sweet way to make a connection with babies that might not get the chance right away. You can read more about my story and see my version of a preemie quilt on my post:  A Gift for Preemies (And Their Mommies).

There’s probably a lot more reasons to make baby quilts that I haven’t coveredwhat are some of your favorite reasons to give baby quilts? Or, maybe you’re hoping to get one at as a giftwhat are you most looking forward to using it for? I’d love to hear all about it and see your baby quilts in the comments below!

Some Great Baby Quilt Patterns

I’ve got lots of great baby quilt patterns for you to try! Here’s just a few, but make sure to see them all in my shop.

Breezy Quilt Pattern

Woodland Quilt Pattern

 Merry Mixer Quilt Pattern


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  1. My sister is having a baby soon and I am thinking of purchasing a quilt for her and I had no idea that there are so many benefits! You make a great point that baby quilts can be used as art in the nursery and add fun colors to the room. The fact that it can be a keepsake as well is great because the quilts can last a lifetime in my sister’s family.

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