Quilts: The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give


The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I’m frantically preparing now, which seems a little over-zealous, but when you’re sweet baby girl is due January 3, and your family has a history of early babies…it’s good to be one step ahead! Even though I might not be able to give a quilt this year, like I’d like to, I want to tell you all about why I think quilts make the best gifts for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and every other special event along the way:

#1: Quilts are Art

Quilts have always made great artwhether they are wall hangings, draping over the back of the couch, or on the corner of the bed—quilts are a classy way to add color and texture to a space. Making a quilt is a great way to get a personal gift for your friend that matches their color scheme. You can go to their house for a visit, take a look around, and they’ll never know what you’re scheming!

Modern Ombre Throw Quilt

My Burst Throw Quilt is perfect for a modern recipient!

#2: Quilts Are Forever Keepsakes

Quilts have a way of passing themselves through generations of a family. Given today’s high quality quilting fabrics and the introduction of computerized quilting, we can stitch up some pretty sturdy blankets that can last a lifetime.

Easy Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Quilts make for a great keepsake!

Quilts are an amazing keepsake—I can’t tell you how I guard a quilt that my Grandmother made me years ago. I’m almost scared to use it (to which she always replies, “Quilts are made to be used!”)…I suppose I should listen to her and take it out of it’s protective bags, and just simply enjoy the hard work she put into that masterpiece.

#3: Quilts Are Functional

We all love something both beautiful and functional. It’s how I approach all of my designs, be it an interior, a quilt, or something else, it’s gotta have both parts or it’s just not quite right! Baby Quilts might be the most functional, beautiful things you can give to someone.

Cindy P

Quilted Gifts, like my Graze Placemats are an extra-functional way to make a quilted gift!

The obvious function is a warm blanket. That’s pretty straightforward. But there’s just something extra special about wrapping up in a quilt—it’s the perfect not-too-heavy, not-too-light blanket.

#4: Give Something One-of-a-Kind

The real amazing part about quilts is that everything can be personalized! From the overall quilt pattern, to the individual fabrics that make it up, to the quilting design, to the quilt label—everything is personal. You can make a wild & crazy version for your sister-in-law and a calm, monotone version for your niece— it’s totally up to you!

Preemie Quilt

If I’ve got you convinced that a quilt is the best way to go (because it is!), make sure that you check out this quilting schedule so that you’re sure to get your quilt done in time for the birthday, wedding, bat mitzvah, or other holiday that you’ve got in mind!

There’s probably a lot more reasons to make quilts that I haven’t coveredwhat are some of your favorite reasons to give quilts? Or, maybe you’re hoping to get one at as a giftwhat are you most looking forward to using it for? I’d love to hear all about it and see your quilts in the comments below!

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