Tidbits | Sewing Over Pins

“I really need to  kick this habit of sewing over my needles…

…when I finish this project.”


“Great, now I need a new needle!

…and my machine is clicking.

…and I’ll be on my hands and knees looking for metal shards for the next hour”

Been there? Done that? Me too. And for some reason, I always return to my bad habit, ruin my machine, and then swear it off again.

So, here are 3 really good reasons to stop sewing over those pins!


The big reason I freaked out about my bad form was because 80% of the time I’m sewing, my little 5 month old is in the room with me. If my needle goes head to head with a pin, usually a sharp piece of metal goes flying—I’d never forgive myself if it hit her.

What a Waste of Time

If we are in such a hurry to get our project done that we CAN’T STAND changing our bobbin thread when it runs out, how much worse is it to replace a needle that you didn’t have to or even put everything on hold to get your machine fixed? (Make sure to check out my trick for making the bobbin less of an enemy!) That’s right—even grazing a pin with your needle can throw your machine out of whack and send you straight to the repair shop.

$$$ Cha-Ching $$$

Why spend money on fixing your machine when you could be spending it on an amazing new pattern or fabric for your stash?! Timing can be thrown off, machines go into lockdown, and metal shards can work their way down into the depths of your very expensive machine. Not to mention the no-sew time that you have to suffer through while repairs are being done. Ask any sewing machine repair person and they’ll tell you to never sew over pins…unless business is slow.

So, What Do I Do?

If you need to pin for that perfectly matching seam or to hold your project together, then by all means, pin it! Just make sure that you remove your pin about 1-2 stitches before the needle gets there. This way, your presser foot is holding everything in place and no one is going to lose an eye. You could also sew without pins! Try using notches to match up fabrics or double sided adhesive tape (my new favorite tool!).

Whatever you decide to do, take this step and make yourself a better seamstress, quilter, sewist—what have you, let’s promise to not sew over pins anymore!

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