Trellis Twist | Pattern Release

It’s time for a pattern release! Whoohooooo!

There’s so much going on behind the scenes here, that a public pattern release always feels like such a massive event. I’m so excited to finally share my newest pattern from the Shorthand Collection with you today: Trellis Twist.

This pattern has been in the works for quite some time. Testing was smooth sailing, and I really have no reason WHY it took so long to make it’s way to you, but it’s finally finally here!

This sweet pattern has a different look to it than my other Shorthand patterns…it might even be a little tricky to see just where my template set is used…can you spot it?

You found it! My curvy Shorthand Template set makes that delicious split in the flower petal blocks, giving it a really nice, crisp look.

The Perfect Modern Floral Quilt

I’ve decided that Trellis Twist is what I’m calling a “modern floral quilt” – not too frilly, and simple enough with a nice feminine touch. You can switch it up with several different design options, which are all laid out in the pattern. I’ll show them to you below:

Traditional Grid and Sashing

Alternative Grid without Sashing

Aren’t those two lovely options? The traditional grid is created by using a contrasting sashing in between blocks, the alternative grid disguises those sashing pieces by using background fabric! It’s a simple change, but makes a massive design difference!

Fresh Vintage Look

I love the Traditional Grid used by Kelsey M! Between the sashing and the fabric choices, it feels fresh and vintage at the same time!

I love how this pattern seems to feel very vintage and very modern at the same time. Check out this beauty:

Jenniffer H. went with classic Red, White, and Grey for her color scheme and I’m head over heels!

Fat Quarter Friendly Quilt!

The other great option you have in this pattern is fat quarters! Yes, this is a fat quarter friendly pattern – whats not to love about that!? Simply choose one fat quarter per flower and you’ll be on your way.

Kelsey M created a SECOND version of this quilt using the alternative grid and mixing up the flower colors. I love the bright punches that the flowers give to this quilt top.
Jeanne P. used some really nice fabric selections on this grey background. I love how it makes the frames POP!

A Longarmers Dream

The design choices are ENDLESS with this quilt & I just can’t wait to see what you do with it! As much as I love the whole quilting process, I think the design ideas and places you can go with the quilting might be the most intriguing!

Beth C did a marvelous job of quilting those flower petals!

Trellis Twist Quilt Pattern Available Now!

If you don’t need anymore convincing, make sure to head on over to my shop and get your copy of Trellis Twist today! If you don’t already own your Shorthand Template set, make sure to grab one while you’re there too.

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