What to Get a Quilter for Christmas

The best list of gifts for quilters and sewists, just in time for Christmas!

No matter how many ideas I had throughout the year, I get to the Christmas season and can’t think of a single thing to get for the people I love! I just never know what to get when it comes down to it. So, I always end up endlessly searching for the best lists out there to give me any ideas or inspiration for gifts. So, whether you’re looking for a great gift for your quilting wife, friend, or family member or you need to give your special somebody a nudge in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled the best list of Christmas and birthday gifts for the quilter, sewist, or creative in your life. The best part: it’s all on Amazon, so you can add it to your cart, have it shipped, and you’ll be ready for Christmas day!

For an updated Christmas 2022 list, make sure to check out my most recent quilt gift guide!

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Stocking Stuffers

Thread Keepers

These awesome little thread keepers will keep thread and matching bobbins together—you’ll want to get one for every spool of thread!

Binding Clips

If she doesn’t have have these clips, prepare to be the best gift-giver of all time! These binding clips are so much better than using pins for putting binding on any project!

A Little Jewelry

These hand made spool earrings are just too cute! The perfect little unexpected stocking stuffer, or put hide this little box in the tree for a sweet surprise.


I ran across this gorgeous sewing scissors necklace … definitely going on my wish list this year (ehem…)

For Under the Tree

Stripology Ruler

This awesome ruler is perfect if she does lots of cutting strips or is crazy about squaring up blocks! An invaluable tool that I’m hoping to get for myself this year!

A New Project

There’s nothing better than a quick project to work on during a relaxing Christmas break! My one-size-fits-all fashion wrap is the perfect project for winter—quick, easy, and cozy! Grab a pattern for a stocking stuffer or a complete kit for a ready-to-go gift.

Women's Wrap Pattern

Wrap sewing kit

The Ultimate Christmas Gift: The Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker Machine

If you’re really looking to get the best gift this year, go big with the Cricut Maker Machine—this new and amazing tool has amazing new technology that can cut out small patterns, applique pieces, and so much more! Pair it with the rotary blade & cutting mat and she’ll be ready to cut out her first sewing project on Christmas morning!

Something for Her Tea

This fun mug reminds her of just how amazingly talented she is!

For the Quilter’s Car

Does the whole world need to know about her love of quilting or sewing? How about this cute sewing machine car decal?

Wall Art

Is the sewing room looking a little bare? This wall art is the perfect addition to any sewing room!

Mini Iron

My mom always used to say, “The best gift is a useful gift!” This mini iron is sure to be useful for anyone that’s ever sewed away from home! This is my #1 favorite tool to have when I’m sewing anywhere but home!

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