Block 10 | Snip

Welcome to block number 10! This month we have some choices to make…will you go with full-on FPP or a mix of simple FPP and more advanced bias binding? The choice is yours. You have gained all the skills you need to go in either direction.

You’ll be saying “that’s sharp!” once you get these snippers stitched!

Ready for a new technique? Let’s get going!

Get Ready…

We are really cooking along! Can you believe we’ve finished all of these blocks already!? If you haven’t finished these yet, don’t worry. You can return to these at any time by clicking on the images below:

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Get Set…

Supplies for the month

If you did the FPP option last month you should have most of your supplies on-hand and ready to go! I know a lot of you stinkers just went full-on appliqué (I scold you in the teacher way, but applaud you in the BFF way…they turned out fabulously), but this month you’re gonna need the FPP supplies. Here’s the full list of what you’ll need:

FPP only:

Bias Apppliqué (optional)

Get Sewing!

Foundation Paper Piecing

No matter what you choose this month, you at least have to do a little bit of FPP! How else are you going to get those crisp, clean, sharp blades!?

If you need a little refresher on FPP, make sure to check out my video below:

Want to go for the directional prints this month? Don’t be afraid! First, make sure to try out these two tricks that I think will help. Once you have those down, do a test block on the little pots from a few months back…I bet you’ll be flying in no time!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Highlight Straight edges: Use a highlighter to mark your straight FPP template edges. This will help you find them and remind you what edge to use when lining up your template with the grid.
  • When aligning the template on your grid, don’t get confused by multiple highlighted edges! Only pay attention to the highlighted edge that touches the part of the template that is already ironed onto the block even if it’s hidden. Once I realized this, I was flying!

Now, try those tricks out and take a quick review…you’ll be ready to go this month!

Decisions, Decisions…

Once you get to Step 9, it’s no longer assumed that you’ll continue with your FPP. You can choose to complete the handle side of the block with Bias Tape Appliqué (you knew she’d be back!) OR FPP.

If you’re looking for an easy time with directional prints…I’m going to be honest. The Appliqué route is the way to go. I prefer the finished look in the overall design of the quilt AND it’s super fun to get those funky curves just right. Now, mind you, I’m not saying it’s easy. Just easier.

BUT if you would consider yourself an avid FPPer or are not dealing with directional prints, then why not go for it?

…either way, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you choose Bias…

If you chose to go with Bias, welcome to the club! I think you’ll be in good company this month! If you’re team FPP, skip this section for your little overview. Here are a few things to help you through:

If you’re having troubles getting those tight curves just right, here’s some tips:

  • First off: This is by far the most difficult block we’ve worked with, so breathe in and out!
  • Second, use that steam! The key here is to take your time and steam, steam, steam.
  • Third: As you’re working, pin finished sections into your ironing board. This will help the fabric set in place and will free up your hands to work on the remaining parts.

A little reminder on how to make Bias Tape:

A little refresh on the Invisible Machine Stitch:

Now, you’ll notice in the pattern that you can use any appliqué stitch that you’d like, but I prefer the Invisible Machine Stitch. You can check out my blog post about it here!

Foundation Paper Piecing

Putting together the Freezer Paper Method and Directional Fabrics

Last month you had no choice but to step up with an intermediate FPP block. I know it was a challenge, but if you’re here then you like it! This month you’ll be exploring an advanced Foundation Paper Pieced block! There are a few things to note before diving in:

  • If this is your first time doing the Freezer Paper Method, I suggest checking out this tutorial (and practicing) before starting with your chosen fabrics:
  • If this is your first time working with directional prints and FPP, I suggest checking out this tutorial:
  • If you’re a class member, take a minute to print out your cheat sheets – these will really help you get both of these great techniques down.

Need some help?

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by all of this, why not join the virtual class?

In my virtual class, we’ll cover each and every step. I’ll talk you through new skills, explain why and how we are doing things, and make it a little less scary! I’ve also included printable cheat sheets for techniques that might be new to you…great resources for down the road!

Before purchasing a class, please be sure to log in so that it is in your account for safe keeping!

You all seemed to enjoy last month and I know that this month has been on everyone’s radar. I’ve tried to do my best to make sure that it’s as painless as possible, BUT if you are having difficulties, don’t be afraid to reach out! That’s what I’m here for!

You made it! I’d love to see your progress in the Facebook group or on Instagram!

What’s Next?