How to Keep Your Curtains out of Reach

Tips and tricks for shortening your long curtains without cutting and sewing! A great guide for keeping curtains and drapes out of the reach of children.

Oh the dilemma…you want the look of long, lush curtains in your shiny new nursery, but know that long curtains are not suggested around children.

Been there. Justified that.

I went ahead and added long curtains in my daughter’s nursery (you can see the adorable details in my nursery reveal!) because I had a plan: I’d like to share this plan with you because so far, it’s worked out well for me. It’s even helped me with my cabin fever and freshened up the nursery as we’ve entered into different stages of my daughter’s development.

Are Long Curtains Safe in the Nursery?

can I have long curtains in the nursery?

In a word: no. The concern when it comes to floor length curtains in the nursery is that baby will grab on and either tangle herself up in the fabric (a suffocation hazard) or pull down the curtain, bar, and hardware with a hard enough tug. So, as baby is getting more mobile, you’ll need to pay special attention and make sure that you long curtains are shortened. But what if you don’t want to cut and sew your long curtains?

how to make long curtains work in a nursery

How to Shorten Curtains Without Cutting or Sewing


A Knotted Curtain

In comes my plan! I’ve always loved the look of a knotted curtain, so I decided that when my little girl got big enough to start tugging on her full-length curtains, I’d put a nice knot in them, making them about half as long. Since I had two curtain panels I tied them much like you would a tie. A single panel can be tied in a similar manner to make a square knot.

How to knot a curtain

To get the right look, it’s going to take a little fluffing, but once you’ve got it—it’s done, so have a little patience while you’re getting the curtains just right!

How to shorten long curtains without cutting and sewing

This might leave your curtains a little bit too long once baby is up and about. For an even shorter knotted option, try taking up more fabric in your knot. I’ve gotten my curtains to be about the same length as the windowsill using this method.

A Swag

If the knot is just not your style, you could also do a swag. That is done simply by tossing the bottom of the curtain up over the rod and arranging until you’ve got the perfect drape.

Swagging a long curtain

I like to hide the ends of the curtain behind the rod, but the more traditional swag leaves it out front. It’s up to you!


That’s all there is to it! Do you have a way of shortening curtains without cutting or sewing? If so, I’d love to hear about it and see it in the comments below!

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