2020 Quilter’s Gift Guide

Christmas is always so much fun to look forward to, but this year the excitement is undeniable. We’d probably all sheepishly admit that we’ve been decking the halls a bit early in anticipation of the most joyful season.

Every year I like to release a gift guid for quilters and for anyone shopping for a quilter or sewist. You can check out previous year’s lists for ideas or this year’s list for my freshest picks!

For an updated Christmas 2022 list, make sure to check out my most recent quilt gift guide!

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The Cricut Brightpad

The Cricut Maker has made my Christmas list every year since it’s been out (and is AGAIN this year), but this year I got the Cricut Brightpad and fell in love! It’s a very streamlined Light Box that’s GREAT for Applique quilters!

Safety First!

Have a quilter that complains about slippy rulers or worries about cutting her fingers? This oldie-but-goodie ruler grip is the perfect solution and might just save you a few stitches! Make sure to check out the different styles for different types of rulers while you’re there!

Stocking Stuffers to Impress

Give a Hug

These thread keepers (or thread huggers) are an AWESOME little stocking stuffer. Extra points if you include some Aurifil thread! 😉

The Quilter’s __

Know a quilter that wants some more flexibility in her quilting designs? This quilting template set is quite a doozy that I wouldn’t mind getting surprised by this year…ehem.

Sweet Somethings

This sweet necklace is a great reminder as we leave a tough year behind and look forward to the hope of the new year!

Nifty Notions

I love when my husband gets really creative or really nifty with my gifts! This nifty contraption is a wide-angle viewer so that you can take in your entire quilt while it’s still on the design wall (I wouldn’t suggest this unless your quilter has a design wall or somewhere to view her quilt vertically)

From the Designer

The Shorthand Bundle

If your quilter is a Rachel Rossi fan, then a Shorthand Bundle will delight on Christmas morning! This bundle includes my Shorthand Template set and FIVE great patterns that use it. This is a great deal – its like buying the patterns and getting the template for free.

a quick note! This bundle includes four hard copy patterns and one download code for an online-only pattern, so don’t be confused when they open up four hard copy patterns!

Kits Galore

I’ve got a slew of quilt kits available for your quilter or sewist! These kits include the pattern and everything they need to make the quilt top and binding. Here are three great kits, but I have many more to check out!


I’ve noticed over the past few years that my mother in law (intentionally or not) usually ends up buying for everyone in themes – last year I got a slew of hair care products and it was SO exciting to have everything I needed at once to get my hair how I wanted it. Two great sewing gift themes are Pressing and On-The-Go!

Give the Gift of Perfect Seams

If you’re looking for a theme, ironing (or pressing as we call it) is a great one!

This year I’ve heard RAVE REVIEWS about Tailor’s Clappers – these simple and age-old tools give that longed-for truly flat seam that we all are after.

Wool ironing mats have really made a name for themselves in the past few years. I fell in love with them for use on my embroidery work (never have I ever seen anything so wrinkly flatten out so beautifully and NOT distort my stitches). They are also great for travel!

Sewing on the Go

A lot of quilters and sewists go to group sewing meetings, sew days, and so on and so forth…Make the whole ordeal a bit easier for your loved one this year!

A Gift Bag and Go-Bag

Speaking of sewing on the road, this bag would be adorable bursting with sewing-esque gifts and would be useful for your sewist when they go sewing on the road.

The Sit Upon

I have tested out the Sit Upon many many (way too many) times at all sorts of quilt shows….I usually make friends with the nearest vendor that has it on display…a girls gotta rest that tired tush after a long day of work! This is a great gift for anyone who spends long hours at her sewing machine.

The Quilter’s Planner

I go on and on about the Quilter’s Planner every year – make sure to grab this awesome (and portable) tool for your quilty friend this year!

Quilting Decor

Quilters and sewists love what we do, and we want it all over the house! Check out these great little accents for around that house that your quilter will appreciate all year long:

Wooden Quilt Coasters

Wood coasters go great with any decor and any quilting style! This sleek little set even comes in a little muslin bag, perfect for gifting!

For your Coffee and Tea Hounds

This sweet little cuppa is perfect for stuffing with a favorite tea or coffee and a little bit of tissue paper – I love everything about this one!

If you’re a sewist yourself, whip up a sweet little Tea to Go caddy to stuff inside this sweet mug! It holds six tea bags, portable coffees, sugars, or whatever you need for your caffeine fix!

Hallmark for the Holidays

Hallmark knows what they are doing to win our hearts. Whether it’s Christmas movies or a sweet card, they know what’s up. Check out this PRECIOUS little sewing ornament for 2020!

Holiday Gifts for Quilters

I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s edition of my Quilter’s gift guide! If you need more ideas, check out my Shop Small & Cyber 2020 sewing gift guides or gift-giving guides from previous years! They are jam-packed with great ideas to get your gift-giving mojo racing!

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